Showcase: 12 great websites made using website builders

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for businesses and individuals alike. With the advent of website builders, creating stunning and functional websites has become easier than ever before. This showcase highlights 12 outstanding websites that were made using website builders, demonstrating the incredible potential and versatility of these tools. From sleek and minimalist designs to vibrant and eye-catching layouts, these websites serve as a testament to the power of website builders in creating visually stunning and user-friendly online platforms. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a creative professional looking to showcase your work, these websites offer inspiration and insight into what is possible with website builders.

If you think it’s not possible to create a stunning-looking website with a website builder, then you clearly haven’t seen our gallery.

We had a lot of fun creating this blog post. We talked to a Swedish band, an English writer and two great designers, as well as many other interesting people who make their living online using their websites. You guys are the best!




Name: Bobsmade (

What’s the site about? “You give us the subject, we create the design.” Custom-made shoes, t-shirts, glasses and more.

Website builder: Jimdo

What Bobsmade says: “I used Jimdo to make my website. It’s a fantastic website builder and it really couldn’t have been any easier. I now have an online store which features my artwork, a gallery which is really easy to add to, and my own email address – all managed from one central location. Jimdo go out of their way to help with technical support too. I can get in touch with their friendly and, more importantly, knowledgeable support staff any time of the day or night. I highly recommend them, and they’re great value for money too.”

Country: Germany


artysmarty shop

artysmarty shop

Name: Artysmartyshop (

What’s the site about? Cute accessories, such as pins, bags and necklaces from this online store from Ireland.

Website builder: Webnode

A few words from the store owner Angela: “Like many small business owners, I was working to a tight budget. Webnode was definitely the obvious option for me. Other similar sites didn’t offer e-commerce at all, which made them a non-starter, and the cost for web designers to set up and host a site also wasn’t an option for me, cost-wise. Initially I was reluctant to pay money to get the extra features as I thought there may not be any IT support if something went wrong, but I’ve found the service from the support team to be very good. They’re prompt and quick to resolve any issues.”

Country: Ireland


What’s the site about? This online store offers religious products combined with ‘exceptional customer service‘.

Website builder: Jimdo

What the owners say: “My experience with using Jimdo was quite pleasant. It’s pretty easy to use, it has a very intuitive User Interface with beautiful graphics. Even though, it’s not the most robust system in the world, it’s good enough for small business owners. It needs a few more years to cook, I believe.
In the beginning, I had doubts that the system is not going to do what i wanted it to do, because I didn’t see anyone using it to sell more than 50 items, but I was planning to have at least 1000 items. Anyway, over all I am pretty happy with the result.”

Country: USA


All things artsy: books and artists

The Gypsy Titmouse

The Gypsy Titmouse
Name: The Gypsy Titmouse (

What’s the site about? Jessica Sikora is “creating places for dreams to reside….”

Website builder: (find many more Wix website examples here, by the way)

Country: USA


A beautiful art director portfolio

InTheory Design


Name: InTheory Design

What’s the site about? An art director specialized in branding, print and interactive media.

Website builder: Squarespace (find a lot more Squarespace website examples here)

Country: USA



A new way of having a glass of whiskey

Name: The Original Whiskey Ball

What’s the site about? An ice ball for whiskey and cocktails that melts slowly.

Website builder: Weebly

Country: USA


COMET ping pong


Name: Comet Ping Pong (

What’s the site about? The restaurant website shows us the delicious things on offer.

Website builder: Jimdo

Country: USA



The Volta Sound Company

Volta Sound

Name: The Volta Sound Company

What’s the site about? A company blog about their passive amplifier for iPhones.

Website builder: Squarespace

Country: USA


The Grateful Life

The Grateful Life

Name: The Grateful Life (

What’s the site about? Trish blogs about her life.

Website builder: Weebly

Country: USA





Name: Electorbikes (

What’s the site about? Bikes & E-Bikes in vintage look.

Website builder: Webnode

Country: Czech Republic

Do you have an interesting, beautiful or unusual website that you’ve created using a website builder? If so, drop me a line and you might be featured in our next gallery!

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